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Blue Smoke Consulting is a certified partner and local distributor of OMG’s scientifically validated sales-specific hiring assessments and sales force evaluations. OMG is the only sales-specific suite of assessments that have been tested and validated on almost two million salespeople and sales leaders around the globe. These tools have helped companies eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes.

Membrain is a complete sales effectiveness platform that can replace, or plug into your existing CRM. It enables you to develop a milestone-based, informative, and actionable sales process and methodology. Once in use, it sits at the center of the salesperson’s daily workflow, identifying and guiding winning behaviors, providing sales-enabling content, encouraging coaching, and delivering reliable forecasts based on milestone progressions.

We provide Fractional Sales Management for business owners who have small sales teams and cannot leverage a highly skilled full-time sales manager. In a fraction of the time and cost, we build the structure for accountability through a strong sales process.  Salespeople receive the coaching and support they need.  Business Owners receive a 15% jump in revenue.

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  • Sales Manager Coaching
  • Sales Organization Development
  • Fractional Sales Leadership
  • Sales Process Development
  • Sales Manager Training