We are currently helping two clients hire salespeople. We have successful hired 2 salespeople in the last 30 days.

COVID-19 has forced many companies to look closely at their sales organization’s effectiveness and ability to move the needle. Layoffs & furloughs allow an organization an opportunity to evaluate.

This evaluation should NOT be just about revenue and overhead. It is much more complicated than that. By the way, we can help you with this quickly, effectively and help you create an ROI. You can see the complexity with this link Smart Sizing Tool.

Here is the thing…there are a ton of crappy salespeople out there. There are Good and Elite salespeople are available, and they know what they are worth which means for you – no bargains.

The good news it is not always about money. Your compensation package must be competitive. The candidate must understand how they get to an income that is greater than an 15% increase over the current comp plan.

Your interview process should uncover what is driving their interest: professional development, a career path, new technology, innovation, or great leadership.

How can you position your company and deliver on these items? How is the candidate motivated? You probably need to know where the strengths and hidden weaknesses are. Have you been successful hiring rock stars?

We have a proven methodology that you can embed into your company’s sales hiring that will identify when a sales candidate WILL SELL to your decision makers at your price points in your industry against your competition.
If you don’t have a great track record of picking winners, do not go it alone. Let’s discuss what you can do to change and hire salespeople objectively!


Walter has been working successfully in Sales, Sales Development and Sales Management for over 31 years. He is passionate about developing sales professionals for CEOs &Business Owners. If you are frustrated and fed up with sales people who are not accountable, a sales team that is inconsistent and fail to meet objectives, and you want to fix it once and for all, we should have a business conversation. We bring science to creating high performance sales teams that on average grow over 32% in 12 months. walter@waltercrosby.com