Guest Author: Tina Martin

Companies all over the world are basking in the benefits of hiring remote workers. From cost savings to improved productivity, business owners have a lot of good reasons to forgo a traditional office and set up a virtual work environment. There’s no shortage of amazing talent out there! The following tips will help you hire some fantastic remote employees or freelancers who will take your business to the next level.

Decide What Kind of Help You Need

Before looking for remote workers, decide exactly what kind of help you need. While you may save money by hiring someone who can do everything, a jack of all trades may fall short of your expectations. These workers may need more training or guidance, and they won’t be able to deliver the same quality of work as someone who possesses proficiency in a particular skill. Instead, consider hiring professionals—such as writers, marketing experts, or web developers—that would bring value to your business. That said, people with general skills may be beneficial for some roles, such as project management.

Hiring temporary freelancers can also be a cost-effective alternative to employing many people with different skills, and a staffing agency can connect you with the administrative and clerical work you need. Of course, you may also hire a few permanent employees whose skills will benefit your company continuously, such as top-notch sales managers, social media managers or customer service representatives.

A great virtual assistant can also be a valuable asset to your business. A virtual assistant can take on any tasks that are bogging you down, such as planning events, fielding phone calls, preparing reports, and organizing your incoming emails. Taking these tedious tasks off your plate will give you more time to grow your business.

Look for Relevant Soft Skills

Although you’re primarily looking for people with the right education and skills to fill certain roles, don’t forget about essential soft skills. Whether or not your candidate has experience working in remote roles is extremely important. If they’re going to thrive in a virtual work environment, your new hires should excel at time management and communication and they should be tech-savvy. They should also be able to navigate the programs and tools that your company uses for communication and management.

Be Flexible

If you’re used to running a traditional workplace, it may be challenging to let go of the 9-to-5 mentality. However, you must provide flexibility and autonomy if you want to attract and retain top talent. Buffer reports that a flexible schedule is one of the greatest benefits of working remotely. Offering a flexible schedule to your remote workers will help them maintain a positive work-life balance, improving productivity, and reducing employee turnover.

Develop a Company Culture

In addition to the fundamental perks that come with remote work, make sure to offer your workers something extra. Remote workers are drawn to companies with a rich and engaging culture. When you post a job ad, include your company values, goals, and mission.

You can also use collaborative software like Slack so your employees can stay connected and communicate effectively. Building a great company culture can set your business apart from the other businesses out there trying to secure top-notch talent.

Test Your Candidates

No matter how well you screen and interview your applicants, it’s hard to get a feel for them before they start working. Consider giving your top candidates a paid test assignment before hiring them. A test assignment will allow you to evaluate how they work, communicate, and respond to feedback. Just make sure you’re not asking for too much! Assigning large, overwhelming test projects will just scare away your favorite candidates.

It’s a good idea to start looking for remote workers before you need them. This will give you plenty of time to sift through applications and thoroughly interview your candidates instead of hiring someone out of desperation. Most importantly, don’t stop looking until you find workers who will be the very best fit for your company.

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