Helping CEOs Understand their Sales Force

“I created Blue Smoke Consulting because Presidents & CEOs were not receiving the data they needed to make good decisions about their sales organization, and they were struggling.  We provide the answers to the questions they should be asking & execute the solutions to fix the sales team once and for all.”  — Walter Crosby

Meet Walter:

Meet Walter Crosby:

Meet Walter Crosby:

Walter is a sales professional with over 30 years of business development, sales, sales coaching and sales management experience in a variety industries and markets across the United States and Canada .

Walter’s leadership style emanates from real world experience, and great training.  He understands most front-line sales managers were promoted because they were a top producer, yet they are not given any training around management, nor their most important role as sales coach.

It is essential to provide sales managers, and the entire sales team, clarity of their responsibilities, positive accountability around responsibilities, an effective sales process to understand where they are in the sales cycle, and empathy for missteps.

Sales Managers do not manage people.  They manage a process.

Walter is married over 20 years to Heidi, an accomplished professional who is incredibly bright and talented woman. They have a daughter in high school who is a huge source of pride, joy and sometimes vexation. Walter enjoys traveling with his family, sampling interesting wine with his wife, occasionally he burns a fine cigar in his private cigar lounge, and he often finds himself frustrated on the golf course.

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