Can your sales team be more effective?

Presenting Our New Sales Tool: OMG SmartSizing Tool

CEOs and Business Owners need objective data about their sales organizations to make quality decisions about re-tooling and re-deployment the team.

Walter Crosby

President, Blue Smoke Consulting

Each month I speak to business owners and CEOs of mid-market B2B companies about their sales teams. The common themes are: the CEO is frustrated because they believe their sales teams could be more effective; concerned that their sales managers are unable to hold the sales team accountable; and sometimes the CEOs just don’t understand why the sales people continuously discount prices when the business owner knows they have a superior product. So, Fractional Sales Management might be a solution with these issues.

We guide business owners and CEOs through Blue Smoke Consulting’s proven process to fix the sales organization, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

We support the leader’s vision & goals by working directly with the sales organization to ensure a legacy of success.

Our process establishes an execution ready plan to generate ROI.

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